My first salon was my parents’ bathroom

No one told me about this in beauty school. I’m great at makeup, and *I think I have pretty good style. 

My first salon was my parents’ bathroom. 

My parents were shocked and annoyed at the amount of girls I would bring into my “studio”. I would would transform their lives with my at-home makeovers. Makeup, hair, and a whole new style. The worse they were, the more I wanted to work on them. My dad would grumble and roll his eyes that, “I had another one”.

When I started this business, I had dreams of transforming  women’s lives. I wanted to make people feel as great on the inside as I saw them on the outside. But what am I doing now? I’m lost in a sea of SEO, and software integration. I barely know what that is. And now I’m roped into doing pushbutton scheduling. 

Sooooooo… the pushbutton scheduling is working (feel free to book 😉  And somehow you, dear reader, have stumbled onto my blog. 

My posts could be something interesting I’ve learned about business, a great skincare technique, hiking in our awesome state of Arizona, my sobriety, or whatever else I feel like. 

Welcome to my little beauty shop blog.