My first salon was my parents' bathroom


No one told me about this in beauty school. I'm great at makeup, and *I think I have pretty good style. 

My first salon was my parents' bathroom. 

My parents were shocked and annoyed at the amount of girls I would bring into my "studio". I would would transform their lives with my at-home makeovers. Makeup, hair, and a whole new style. The worse they were, the more I wanted to work on them. My dad would grumble and roll his eyes that, "I had another one".

When I started this business, I had dreams of transforming  women's lives. I wanted to make people feel as great on the inside as I saw them on the outside. But what am I doing now? I'm lost in a sea of SEO, and software integration. I barely know what that is. And now I'm roped into doing pushbutton scheduling. 

Sooooooo... the pushbutton scheduling is working (feel free to book ;)  And somehow you, dear reader, have stumbled onto my blog. 

My posts could be something interesting I've learned about business, a great skincare technique, hiking in our awesome state of Arizona, my sobriety, or whatever else I feel like. 

Welcome to my little beauty shop blog. 


  • Posted on by Kaz D Haber
    You’re awesome Nicolle! Your beauty radiates from within as well as from the outside. Love your blog, your humor, your kindness and your passion for what you do. Keep on keeping on.
  • Posted on by Roxanna
    Love the blog. Will try to share. Love you.
  • Posted on by Melissa
    So proud of you my friend and all you have accomplished. You have always liked helping others smile and feel good about themselves. Always looking for reasons to smile and enjoy life with all the curves it throws you. Looking forward to seeing where your journey continues to take you.

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