Lash Enhancement Tattoo

The lash enhancement tattoo is a permanent makeup treatment that uses a small, pen-like device to insert tiny particles of color into the dermal layer of skin. The deposited particles result in a long-lasting enhancement in areas where you want more color. Some of the most popular permanent makeup treatments are lash enhancement eyeliner, lip blush (also known as lip tint) and color, and eyebrow color and definition.

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COVID-19 Update 😷

At Desert Rain Skin, the health and safety of our patients, staff and community is our highest priority. As such, we continue to update our COVID-19 protocols and implement the necessary precautions to maintain a safe environment.

Our staff has been vaccinated and continues to wear a face mask. Unvaccinated patients and guests are required to wear a face mask too. And, we highly encourage vaccinated patients to wear a mask as well.