Permanent Makeup
*Permanent makeup is a two-part process. For best results, a follow-up appointment is recommended no sooner than 6 weeks from the last appointment.
*A touch-up session is $100 and is not included in the initial session.

Microblading  $350
Power Brow  $350
Lip Blush  $350
Thin and Natural Eyeliner  $350
Eyelash Enhancement  $300
Tattoo/Pigment Removal  $100
Microneedling  $100
Permanent Makeup Consultation    free
Touch-up   $100


Classic Lashes Full Set  $150
Classic Fill  $75
Volume Eyelashes Full Set  $190
Volume Fill  $85
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions  $180
Hybrid Fill

Botox   $10.50/unit
Lip Filler  $500
Lip Filler 1/2 Syringe  $300
B12 Injection (1ML)  $15
B12 Package (6 injections)  $80
B12-MIC shot  $25
B12-MIC (Lipotropic injections)  $100

Chemical Peel  $150
Dermaplaning Facial with Enzymes  $150
Microdermabrasion  $150
Microneedling Facial with LED Light Therapy  $150

COVID-19 Update 😷

At Desert Rain Skin, the health and safety of our patients, staff and community is our highest priority. As such, we continue to update our COVID-19 protocols and implement the necessary precautions to maintain a safe environment.

Our staff has been vaccinated and continues to wear a face mask. Unvaccinated patients and guests are required to wear a face mask too. And, we highly encourage vaccinated patients to wear a mask as well.